SOHN @ Holocene [Portland] 05.25.2014 by Aaron

The older I get, the more effort it takes me to get up off my lazy ass and go to a show, and from here on out I will make a conscious effort to do so. That being said, covering a SOHN performance was more than enough motivation to dust off the old (and I do mean old) …

Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis @ The Roseland Theater 09.13.2012 by Aaron

From the moment I learned of Dillon Francis on a cold and cloudy morning sometime last year, I became an avid fan. He’s got a great sense of humor and constantly comes out with songs that push the boundaries of whats to come. At first it was Moombahton and now he’s dabbling in the trappy goodness that is …


Bangers of the Weekend 09.07.2012 by Aaron

I’m going to try to at least start doing this again, guys. Free downloads are easy to find and post so there is no reason for me not to post these shits. Love and butts, Aaron

The Hood Internet w/A-Trak

The Hood Internet @ The Wonder Ballroom 09.05.2012 by Aaron

Guess who’s back in Portland, fellas? The god damn Hood Internet is back! Tomorrow night, this Chicago based duo will be at the Wonder Ballroom in support of their debut album, “FEAT.”

Supreme Cuts

Supreme Cuts – Whispers in the Dark 08.17.2012 by Aaron

Hey buddies! I heard ya like chill tunes. Well look no further because we have a couple of Chicago bros, that make just that. Supreme Cuts, comprised of Mike Perry and Austin Kjeultes, are here to offer you their newest album, ‘Whispers in the Dark’. To date, it is the most comprehensive collection of spacey-chill jams that I …

Mix mWednesday

A-trak – Fool’s Gold Radio – August Mix 08.09.2012 by Aaron

A-trak…makes some of the most entertaining sets ever. Plus he is kinda proficient at actually DJing. DMC Champ. Still delivers. Keep em coming, bud. (p.s. were not really friends)


Deathface – From Beneath EP 08.08.2012 by Aaron

I’ve always prided myself on listening to strange music and that trend isn’t going to change now. It all started with me straying from mainstream grunge-rock music into punk…because 8th grade…fuck the system! Ya know? Then it moved to metal and hardcore where it stayed for a while before drifting slowly into many different electronic genres, where it …


Bangers of the Weekend 08.03.2012 by Aaron

It’s time for your weekly roundup of free music that I’ve found over the past couple of days! Download this crap.

Mix mWednesday

Mad Decent Block Party 08.01.2012 by Aaron

Umm…what?! Mix mWednesday is back? You bet your fat ass it is. This week the mix is from the event you’ve all been hearing about over the past few weeks; the Mad Decent Block Party. An event which I can’t be part of because it’s not in my city this year, but I would absolutely love to cover …

The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet @ Mississippi Studios [Portland] 07.29.2012 by Aaron

This show was a trip down memory lane for me! About three years ago, me and my one cohort, David, went to see The Hood Internet back in Cleveland (my hometown). The show was at a little basement club on the east side and there weren’t a whole lot of people there aside from the regulars. This was …