Com Truise

Com Truise – Galactic Melt 06.29.2011 by Aaron

Since I found out about the wonderful tunes of Com Truise, I have been keeping you posted as to what is new with the Jersey based producer. Having various aliases, Seth Haley of New York, has been making and playing music for about ten years now. I have yet to check out any of his side projects, because I’m currently hung up on this new Com Truise.

June 14th was the day that the latest Com Truise album, ‘Galactic Melt’, was released…well digitally anyway. I was at work, far away from a computer and desperately in need of that digital download to my hard-drive. After an overly long day, I made it home safely and purchased Galactic Melt and began to listen to the album on repeat. My initial thoughts were, “This…this album is unbelievable!” Due to my initial thoughts, I decided to put my Com Truise Fan-boyism on hold and really listen to the album. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself, so I spent the next few weeks listening to the songs in my favorite listening locations; driving (wherever), running, and sitting on my couch with headphones drinking coffee. I know that these don’t seem like the coolest locations, but they’re comfortable and allow for a good listen. However, my car and couch do not do these songs justice. For example; While listening to, ‘Ether Drift’, I felt like I should be out saving a beautiful leading lady from the jaws of an angry creature from a distant planet. While listening to , ‘Air Cal’, I get the most chill, floating-on-a-dirigible-on-mars type of vibe (pretty specific, I know). And the last ‘Aaron’s Head’ interpretation will be for, ‘Flightwave’. This track is one of my favorites on the album. It starts with a building, grim feeling throughout most of the track until around the 3:10 mark where it breaks into one hell of synth rhythm. At this point, nothing is wrong with the world and I love everything…though I’m alone on my exploration of deep-space with my only friend, the computer. I think I need to play this song at the start of every day, from here on out.

Seth Haley doesn’t just make great music! To me, he takes me on a journey and stirs up imagery in my strange brain. I’m not really sure why this music makes me dream of how much cooler my life would be if I were a space traveler, but I love it. I wish there was an easy way to put my thoughts into visual form and have the score written by none other than Com Truise.

Com Truise, Thank you so much for giving me a soundtrack for my imaginary intergalactic battle against time!

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